Mobile Data Capture Application

Our mobile application allows employees to get away from outdated tracking practices and use familiar actions like swiping, tapping, GPS and image capture to stay organized while gathering – even when offline. This solution integrates with our data management software (SWIFT) and file management systems. Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

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Swift Technology


Data Management and Process Automation

Reporting and operations have never been so easy. Swift is all about saving time and working efficiently with fully customizable workflow software. Built on an award-winning cloud database software platform, Swift creates custom solutions to everyday business challenges. Creating applications with Swift greatly reduces the time to deploy operations, streamlines business processes, and makes your workday easier. Work smarter, not harder!

Gforce Technology


Interactive Data Presentation

Having trouble presenting raw data? Gforce allows you to visualize your raw data in an interactive format. This custom-tailored solution adds a presentation layer to captured data from the field using our mobile application. We expose the value of your data from anywhere. It’s the perfect way to show your progress to clients, partners, homeowners, and your visual learners!

Gforce Technology
Customer service guy

Call Center

Need help with a call center and quickly? Look no further. We will handle all inbound-outbound call routing, reporting, data management, daily support, and more. Our call center is able to scale up and down according to the needs of the project.

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Technical Support Built In

  • Grant Management Software

  • Contracution Management Software

  • Call Center

  • LMS – Learning Management System

  • CMS – Claims Management System

  • Field App Data Collection

And More…

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