Over 6k damage assessors and inspectors

$15 Billion

In disaster recovery programs

Over $15 billion in disaster recovery programs
Over 200k residential home inspections
Workers Building A Deck

Professional Disaster Assistance

WFG provides post-disaster assistance, complete with exceptional data management and mobile app development to federal, state and local governments. WFG has significant experience with long-term recovery CDBG-DR and FEMA funded recovery projects. These include disciplines such as applicant intake, damage assessments, environmental reviews, construction inspections, applicant appeals, compliance and monitoring, data management and staff augmentation. Beginning with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the owners of WFG have been actively involved in assisting state and local governments for hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, Dolly, Isaac, Sandy, Matthew, Harvey & Irma.

Our catastrophe services include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods and ice/hail storms and other natural and man-made disasters.

A Few Examples of Projects We Were Involved In

  • Texas GLO Homeowner Reimbursement Program “HRP”

  • Texas PREPS Program

  • NC CDBG-DR Housing Recovery Program

  • Restore Louisiana (ReLa) Program

  • West Virginia Home Repair and Reconstruction Program

  • South Carolina Disaster Recovery Program

  • The Louisiana Shelter at Home Program

  • The Louisiana Road Home Program

  • Mississippi Neighborhood Home Program

  • Texas Homeowner Assistance Program

  • NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program

  • SCDOT and LADOTD Debris Management & Monitoring

  • BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

  • H5N1 Avian Bird Flu Response and Remediation – Iowa

What Makes Us Great

  • Participated in over $15B in disaster/housing recovery programs

  • Completed over 200,000 residential housing inspections and damage assessments on CDBG & FEMA funded programs

  • Participated in over 20 CDBG and FEMA funded housing recovery programs

  • Database development and management tailored specifically for disaster and emergency response programs

  • Rapid app development “RAD” mobile field applications for construction inspections and estimating

  • Experienced staff managing large scale disaster response and recovery projects

  • Database of over 6,000 damage assessors and inspectors

  • Proven experience with emergency response training and staffing

Before and After

Run Down HouseFinished Home
Condemned TrailerFinished Trailer Construction

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