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Oil And Gas Industry - Refinery, Factory, Petrochemical Plant

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Workforce Group is a full-service staffing company that provides high-quality staff and unparalleled customer service for any job position. WFG provides temp-to-hire, direct hire or contract staff, or one of our in-house employees can fill temporary or long-term job opportunities. We focus on industrial staffing, our extensive networks of skilled workers adds to our ability to provide staff worldwide. WFG is proud of our hands-on approach to giving clients what they want in a timely and professional manner.

Each owner of WFG has substantial experience in the engineering and construction fields, and all have amassed significant networks of stakeholders. WFG can quickly match contacts from existing workers of state agency contacts, regulators, private company executives and others with contacts in existing networks of skilled and unskilled workers to alleviate staffing concerns.

Our Expertise

At Workforce Group, we have first-hand knowledge of your staffing and recruiting challenges and needs, and we are anxious to put that expertise to work for you. So whether you are looking to make a full time hire to your team, or perhaps you are looking to use a contract-to-hire solution, or you just simply need a short term resource for a specific and finite set of tasks, our team will improve your likelihood of achieving success.

Avoid short term employment risk, increase the upfront selection and screening capability of your existing internal team, tap the network of well proven and talented industry veterans, leverage our industry expertise and knowledge, and engage with us and find more success sooner!

We offer the following suite of services: Defined Contract Placement, Undefined Contract Placement, Payroll Services, Contract to Hire Placement, Permanent Placement.

Areas of Support

  • Gas/Steam/Aero/Hydro/WindiTurbines
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Alignment
  • Balance of Plant
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Machinery Installation
Gas Pipeline
Construction phase of power plant

Our 5 Step Talent Acquisition Process

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